Friday, August 27

Ofa ya Mwezi Mtukufu - wateja wa Vodacom kuzungumza bure usiku kucha

Kampuni ya Vodacom Tanzania sasa inawawesha awateja wake zaidi ya milioni saba kupigiana simu bure kuanzia saa sita usiku mpaka saa 12 asubuhi kila siku.

TO mark the holy month of Ramadan, Vodacom Tanzania subscribers will now call for FREE from midnight to 6am every day.

Vodacom Tanzania Managing Executive: Corporate Affairs, Ms Mwamvita Makamba, said that the decision to allow free calls during this period is to reiterate by action, Vodacom’s commitment to provide affordable, reliable and relevant telecommunications services to the people of Tanzania.

“At Vodacom Tanzania is where great things happen, we are here to resonate with the hopes and dreams of the people of this great nation”, she said.

Ms Makamba said that Vodacom will continue to strive to provide the best data and voice offers in the market backed up by a world class quality network and meaningful products and services that are geared to ease day to day life of ordinary Tanzanians and businesses at large.

Mwamvita called upon all Tanzanians to join and continue using Vodacom and enjoy services and offers from the BEST in Tanzania.

She noted that during the month Ramadan many people do not go to bed early and that it is during late hours that people communicate and wish each other well.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is the month of fasting, intensive prayer, sacrifice and Divine worship.

After breaking the fast, Muslims stay late into the night to make prayers and to have the last meal before the break of dawn when fasting begins.

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